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Make the bed stop spinning

May 22, 2010

Yesterday was the farewell dinner for all exchange students here at the NHH.  I also completely rocked at my Norwegian spoken exam, so things were quite peachy that day.  Some key learning points from then:

  1. Paleo and Crossfit (and the Stronglifts 5×5) change your body composition in a wonderful way.  I can lift and run twice as much as when I was even playing rugby, and I’m more compact, too.  Strong and lean, no bulk.  However, that brings me to my next point …
  2. I desperately need to update my wardrobe. It was formal attire to the dinner yesterday, and the $500 tailored suit that I had bought just a year ago (when I was decently skinny, too) felt like a swimming pool.  Well, the shoulders fit perfectly, and the shirt I was wearing stretched across a much broader back.  But now the jacket needs to be taken in on the sides – a lot.  And the pants – oh, the pants.  I know that they are a size 31 waist, bought specifically to fit my rugby thighs.  That’s not really needed anymore.  By my calculations I’m closer to a … 30 or even 29 now.  I can fit a whole fist into the space between my wait and waistband.  Lets hope a tailor can keep me from looking like I’m wearing hand-me-downs.
  3. My tolerance is still wonderfully strong. Though it may just be that my life as a student has transformed my liver into something of Herculean proportions.  There was the rough equivalent of an open bar at the dinner (10 bottles of wine for a 12 person table).  Who says that going Paleo makes you a one-shot-wonder?  I’ve been pretty abstinent living here, and by my count I was very comfortably ensconced in the double-digits of drinks.  But now my head hurts.  Quite a bit.

And lastly, I am in exam mode.  This is my manifesto.  Just like my own silent promise to myself to get into the best shape of my life, I declare this: I will destroy this last set of exams.  The TA marking my papers will weep tears of joy as they lovingly etch an “A” onto the front page.  And if that’s not possible, it damn well won’t be from a lack of trying on my part.

Vi sees.

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