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One Down, Three to Go

May 20, 2010

Exams, that is.  Today I sat my Norwegian exam.  Surprisingly, it was incredibly fun.  However, I did mix up the difference between var, the preteritum conjugation of være, with vår, the singular possessive of “us”.  Thankfully, even if I am penalized for ever single instance of that mistake, and doubling that number to take into account other mistakes, and I will still come out of the exam with an 80%.  And this is a pass/fail course, did I mention?  Smooth sailing, as long as I can gab in Norwegian for 10 minutes tomorrow.  As a paleo-goer, can I still say “piece of cake”?

How about “shot of whiskey” or “rack of lamb”?

Kanskje skal vi sees i morgen.

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