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What to do, what to do?

May 10, 2010

Well, dear readers, it’s certainly been a while.  Truth be told, I’m in a funk.  The doldrums of creativity and motivation.  Limbo.  Whatever you call it, nothing has really gotten me jazzed in a while.  I’m still sticking to Crossfit and the primal way of life, have no fear.

The root of the problem?  I have some sort of activity-oriented ADD.  I’ll do something with such an intense passion, then get … restless.  New diet.  New workout.  New business idea.  New recipe.  New instrument.  New book.  New computer game.  You get the idea.  But here’s what I’ve accomplished since I’ve been gone:


  • Currently sitting at around 65kg bodyweight, with a body fat composition low enough for me to see defined abs
  • Been training with:
    • Bench at 65kg
    • Deadlift at 130kg
    • Squats at 95kg
    • Handstand pushups!
    • Cleans at 52.5kg
  • Cooked and prepared lamb’s heart.  Tasty.
  • Discovered unrefined palm oil at the local global foods shop.  It’s … alright.  Good thing I didn’t spend that much money on it.  Health benefits be damned, the foodie in me is off-put by the smell of it in the pan.

In other words, everyday I’m still finding something new to discover delving into the world of the primal lifestyle.  And this is the fittest, strongest that I have ever been.  When the tiny gym in residence is empty I workout sans shirt, and I feel beastly.  What?  You don’t?  You really should – not to feed some narcissistic bent, but for motivation.  You workout to look good naked, to borrow a line from Mark Sisson.  And seeing yourself change day-by-day is the best pat on the back ever.  Try it.  No BS about working on it being better for you to work on your form.  Admire yourself.  You are good looking. And if you don’t think so: lift that weight harder, put the work in.  Simple as that.

But there is more to life than chowing on meat and lifting heavy junk.  What else has Nick been up to?

  • Partied in Krakow, Poland
  • Written snippets for 2 short stories
    • Bad poetry, too
  • Cycled through a myriad of computer games
  • Watched all 3 seasons of Californication (amazing show)
  • Planned a new wardrobe for myself, since nigh everything I own is now too loose (thanks, diet)
  • Spent countless hours on looking to spend a $20 honorarium

As you can see, I’m looking for my muse again.  I want to create – something.  There’s an empty space that I’m trying to fill, but just cannot figure out what.  So until I can find that illusive spark, vi sees.

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  1. Louisa permalink
    May 10, 2010 8:21 am

    I have been here too. Just keep on keeping on, keep grounded and just be aware of whatever appears in front of your face, even in your dreams – everything is a message for you, and you alone. Life ALWAYS moves in ways to help you, just be open to it. When something appears, go with it, even though it may be something/a direction you have never even considered before. The world is your oyster, esp. if you are writing poetry. My latest post is kinda in the same vein – waiting for inspiration. It is coming in the form of horses right now, sweet horse inspiration.

    good luck! Let us know what comes along.

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