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April 27, 2010

I’ve been on hiatus.  You combine important school projects with a wonderful trip to Krakow (yes, I will post about that, as well as catch you all up on what I did for Easter) and you get a blessedly hectic life where all you want to do is live in the moment.  Now I’ll be nice and share that life – it’s the whole purpose of a blog, after all.  But first: fitness.


  • Deadlift 5RM – 125kg (new personal record!)
  • Towel Pullups – 3 x max: 6/5/4
  • 20 mins of:
    • 1 min on, 1 min off rowing.  Goal: 3000m, 1 pushup penalty each 5m not reached

Did you know that smiling suppresses the gag reflex?  I learned that watching CSI, and it really works.  Trust me.  Needless to say, after yet another week of binging I only made it to 2686m.  I did redo a botched minute thanks to technical difficulties with the rower’s timer, but no excuses.  Yup, 63 pushups.  They were supposed to be handstands, but let’s be realistic here.

My life in Krakow was surprisingly paleo, minus the snuck local pastries, odd slice of bread, and booze.  Ok, fine. Not so paleo, but the massive hunks of meat I was eating – those were.

No matter – you need to live life, too.

I’m a primal practitioner, not a recovering alcoholic.  When I fall off the wagon I feel so crappy afterwards that I throw myself right back on.  But I’m glad that when people see me eating junk, they treat me like someone going through the Steps.  It keeps me accountable, and it’s comforting to know that maybe I’m actually touching people with how I live.  I’ll be a better model in the future, I promise.

I basically have no more class, just studying.  No, that doesn’t mean you won’t see anything of me – quite the opposite, actually.  This school is one massive joke, and having nearly a whole month free to study before the first exam while ensure that I can back up my bravado.  Posts will occur, because I don’t think I can ever stop talking about what I do now.

Vi sees i morgen.

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