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Welcome Back, Now Hit the Gym

April 12, 2010

The weekend to recuperate, then right back into the gym.  Owing to my still busted Achilles Tendon, I eased back into Crossfit.  Though I feel like a little bit of a wuss (and Crossfit seems to have been designed to be approached balls-to-the-wall), the dull throb in near my heel tells me wuss now, so I can at least walk to the gym tomorrow.


  • Squat 3×5: 70/80/80kg
  • Bench 3×5: 55/60/65kg
  • 10 rounds on each arm: 12kg
    • DB clean
    • DB squat
    • DB press
    • DB squat
    • DB press

Well, realized that it should have been a press I did instead of bench, but not a huge deal.  As for the 10 rounds – definitely could have handled something closer to 18kg or so.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

The sun’s beautiful here today.

Vi sees i morgen.

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