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Explosive Power

March 19, 2010

More from Crossfit Football (CFFB).


  • 15 on-the-minute:
    • Power clean x 2 @ 40kg
    • 2 strict chin-ups

The introduction of power cleans to my fitness repertoire has really highlighted the difference between gym strength and functional strength for me.  Despite my relatively smaller size, I still should be able to handle more than a 40kg clean – an exercise designed to highlight explosive leg strength.  Technique may be factoring into this equation, but to what extent?

As much as the Stronglifts 5×5 allowed me to chalk up considerable fundamental strength, I now see the stark contrast between that program and CFFB.  CFFB was designed for contact athletes, and looking at the workouts I can see this – explosive power, training for game-like situations, and improving peak metabolic conditioning are keys to winning a rugby match, as an example.  Stronglifts is strength for the sake of strength and lean mass.  While some of that strength can translate on the pitch, not to the game-ready state that CFFB does.

Are you a rugby, football, lacrosse, etc. player that’s stumbled upon my site?  Do Crossfit Football.  The performance that I can see this program building will mean the difference between bench and first line.

Are you nowhere near an athlete and just want to get into shape?  Do the Stronglifts 5×5 until you get bored of it OR, skip the middleman, find a Crossfit gym in your area, and go.  They’ll be able to tailor a workout geared to any athletic state – you don’t need to be a crazy like me to do it.

Vi sees i morgen.

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