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A Sister Site is Born

March 12, 2010

Though officially created and posted on a few days ago, the only publicity I gave my new blog was a Twitter post.

I present Training Amongst Giants, my food and fitness log.

I realized that keeping track of the food I am eating is important, especially in relation to the volume of fitness that I put myself through.  I’ve found that, amongst other things, going paleo does have an effect on your athletic performance once you reach a certain level.  I am currently experimenting on myself to find the optimal levels of food intake; the addition of fermented dairy, fish oil, and more nuts and seeds have been examples of that.  The addition of my new adoption of Crossfit will further highlight do’s and don’t’s.

Lastly, I want to show to everybody exactly what I am doing and eating without spamming this blog with endless updates on the contents of my breakfast.  I’m in the best shape of my life, and that wasn’t the product of a starvation diet or overworking at the gym – quite the opposite, in fact.

So if you want an example of how I think people should train, what I eat on a typical day, or are just my personal stalker, Training Amongst Giants is the site for you.

Enjoy, og vi sees.

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