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One Month of Going Primal

March 10, 2010

This marks the one-month milestone of me going primal.  In short, I love the lifestyle and have seen a ton of positive health benefits.  A month ago I had love-handles, down from a full-blown bike tire in January.  Not anymore.  Here’s what I’ve been doing.


  • Typically a piece of fruit each day – largely apples.  Veg has mostly been broccoli, carrots, rutabaga, spinach zucchini, and cabbage.  Frozen unless I can get fresh for cheaper.  Fresh would make lunches easier.  I cook extra for dinner and eat leftovers for lunch.
  • Meat intake generally consists of chicken drumsticks, salmon, pollock, shrimp, canned tuna, and some pork – and lots of it.  Seafood in Norway is cheaper, what can I say?
  • Substituted canola and other oils for extra-virgin olive oil, butter, and rendered fat from roasting meat.
  • The occasional cheat, including pizza and beer.  I feel like trash the next day, though.
  • The odd piece of chocolate after meals.
  • Twice-weekly 24hr intermittent fasts.

Working Out

  • Still doing the Stronglifts 5×5 workout.

I don’t own a scale or fat callipers, nor am I particularly inclined to display before-after shots, but I’m happy to report positive results regarding re-shaping my fat self.

  • I can see the top 4 of my abs sans flexing.  Going shirtless no longer makes me nervous.
  • I fit in a pair of size 31 skinny jeans easily.  The pair of 32’s I own has become a tent on me.
  • Resting heart-rate in the high 50’s.
  • 65kg bench press, 70kg squat (deweighted to work on better technique), 95kg deadlift, 42.5kg overhead press.  Compared to a bodyweight of around 65kg (145lbs) – I think.
  • Back to my old monk-like metabolism.
  • Similar, if not lower, food bill to pre-Paleo adoption.

No, I don’t miss starches that much.  Meat has always been the lynchpin of my meals, and when cooking my spicing and technique derives from the protein in question.  And unlike my 6-year old self, I enjoy vegetables immensely.  Starch has always simply been a carrier for those flavours, or padding.  The best part of spaghetti?  The meat sauce.  Garlic bread?  Garlic and butter.  Mashed potatoes?  Easily interchanged with mashed rutabaga.  Ok, the starches that I miss are largely the ones that are horrible for you – cupcakes, chips, fried batter, risotto, etc.

My difficulties are two-fold.  Going out to eat (not that I would want to often given Norway’s prohibitive costs, though) is almost guaranteed to be a cheat meal.  It’s also becoming hard to eat varied meals in a country where fresh vegetables cost more than the meat (59kr/kg red peppers vs 27kr/kg sea trout).  Salads are right out of my diet, right now, unless I like iceberg.

Still hesitant about taking the plunge into the primal world?  Don’t be, I’m proof positive.

Vi sees.

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