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Docu Review: King Corn

March 1, 2010

Shopping scares me even more, now.

First things first – you definitely must see this movie.  It is well-paced, absolutely thought-provoking, and shockingly haunting.

The basic premise of the documentary is two friends who, after learning that their generation (read: our generation, people) is going to be the first one with a lower life-expectancy than their parents.  In the first scene the two learn from a hair analysis that the basis of their diet is overwhelmingly corn.  Odd…

So what does any sane couple of friends do?  Rent an acre of cornfield in Iowa and track where the corn actually goes.  The results are disgusting.  Nearly everything processed, from yogurt to cereal, meat to veggie burgers, is just a clever derivation of corn.  But why is this a bad thing?

The corn we eat today has been bred to produce the highest amounts of carbs, and nothing else.  They’re in essence empty calories capable of spiking our insulin through the roof and causing all of the obesity problems much of the modern world sees.  That’s to say nothing of the purported anti-nutrients contained by every single grain that paleo-followers condemn.

And if it’s not corn, then it’s high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  HFCS wreaks havoc on you metabolic system, and has at the very least been proven to drastically increase the incidence of obesity in mice (source pending).

Lastly, one of the farmers interviewed in the movie was asked “Do you eat your own corn?”.  The answer was a resounding “no” from both the farmer and his wife.  Don’t trust science?  Trust the farmer who won’t even touch his own produce.

Watch the movie (and many other documentaries just like it), then do something about it.  Don’t just watch, shrug, and continue on with life as usual.  That’s the stuff of madness.

  1. Start eating whole foods.  Scared that processed food will kill you?  Then stop eating processed food!
  2. Learn to cook.  Sort of goes hand-in-hand with step 1.
  3. Read your labels.  Don’t want to make your own mustard?  That’s fine, neither do I.  But sugar and chemicals can be found in the weirdest places.
  4. Spread the word.  Because everyone should be healthy.

Vi sees.

[Penned in CSR, the useless course that has just informed me that “corruption is bad”, just in so many more words than that]

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