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I Got a Gold Star Today

February 17, 2010

In Norwegian, of all things.  Yes, folks, language classes everywhere always seem to devolve to elementary school times, even at a post-secondary level.  Want to read what made my professor scribble “Kjempebra!” (super good!) and affix said gold star upon my page?

We were supposed to write about en vanlig dag (an average day).  Here it is with minor corrections.
Klokka sju våkner jeg, og slår av klokka mi.  Klokka halv åtte dusjer jeg, så spiser jeg frokost.  Etterpå går jeg på kurs.  På veien, hjelper jeg ei gammel dame.  Hvorfor? Fordi, jeg er egentlig superhelt!  Jeg heter SuperNinja.  Mellom sju og fire er jeg bare student, men om natten er jeg superhelt.  Jeg er vanlig.  Etter middag hjelper jeg alle.  Noen ganger ringer jeg mange presidenter, og vi snakker sammen.  Etterpå hjelper jeg verden litt.  Du sier ikke noen, takk!
The translation?
At seven I wake up, then  turn off my clock.  At half past seven I shower, then I eat breakfast.  Afterwards I walk to class.  On the way, I help an old lady.  Why?  Because I am actually a superhero!  My name is SuperNinja.  Between seven and four I am just a student, but in the night I am a superhero.  I am average.  After dinner I help everyone.  Once in a while I call many presidents, and we talk together.  Afterwards I save the planet a little.  Don’t tell anyone, thanks!

Rule #1 of any assignment: take the hint whenever your prof says “it doesn’t really need to be true”.

And the golden rule of language courses: It’s not a truth test, it’s a language test.  As long as you use every concept taught to you, you’re sailing.  Don’t remember whether “car” is masculine or feminine?  Then just tell your prof you have two cars.

In other news, my Alternative Energy professor explained nuclear fission using “pew pew” laser sounds.  Physics is fun.

Vi sees.
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  1. Erica permalink
    April 9, 2010 5:23 pm

    That’s awesome, a gold star, hahahaha. Seems like you are definitely getting a handle on the language. Well done!

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