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Why am I here again? Oh yeah, that’s why.

January 11, 2010

Some of you may be wondering why on earth would I ever want to go all the way to Norway for school.  I miss my final semester at Ivey, I don’t graduate with everyone, it’s cold, and expensive.  And no, I’m not doing it for the pretty Norwegian girls (though, I must say, I salute you, Norway).  I’m here to learn – both inside and outside of the classroom.

The NHH is one of the most respected business schools in the area of energy and all things environmental.  This was something that I felt was lacking in the curriculum at Ivey.  For instance, Corporate Social Responsibility was a mere 10 classes last semester, in comparison to something like Managing Information Systems, which received 20.  Thankfully, Ivey is getting better, and a CSR course is going to be offered to HBA1s next year, as well.

By an awesome twist of fate, I have been registered within the masters program at the NHH (which is great, because those courses are much more interesting).  Without further ado, my courses for the semester:

  • Environmental Economics
  • Alternative Energy Sources in Physical, Environmental, and Economical Perspectives
  • Strategic Crisis Management
  • Introductory Norwegian for Foreign Students 1

Those who know me well will remember how badly I failed at learning Mandarin in my first year at UWO, and might laugh at Intro Norwegian.  No, I’m not a glutton for punishment.  I think I can do it this time.  First, the alphabet is an alphabet, not a zillion little symbols.  Second, I’m here for 6 months.  I will be using Norwegian all the time – practice will be much easier.  I’ll keep everyone updated on how that goes.

My classes start this Thursday, and I have a timetable that is going to be much easier than first semester HBA2.  Jason has already started a seminar course, and he came back raving about what he’s going to be learning.  I’m excited.

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  1. Erica permalink
    January 13, 2010 7:15 am

    I was wondering why you chose Norway, lol. Sounds like an amazing opportunity though, I wish you luck with learning the language!

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